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A growing number of mobile applications available for download in the internet world have become a crucial aspect of our digital lives. However, thousands of applications are available on Google Play Store for Android devices, but it’s no secret that accessing these apps on IOS for users has a different privilege. Are you seeking to download this analog film camera for IOS? No worries, we are here with Old Roll APK for IOS – a promising solution for IOS users seeking access to this disposable camera.

 In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Old Roll APK for IOS, exploring how it works and how it can elevate the IOS user experience. We will also discuss the downloading procedure for IOS. Let’s come and delve deep to explore.

About Old Roll APK

Old Roll APK, a photography application developed by Accordion in 2021. However, it is available worldwide but is top-rated in China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. This disposable or film analog camera app mimics the most realistic experience, allowing revolutionary customization of photos.

Its interface is easy-to-navigate, and all the camera options are easy to use. Select the camera according to your taste and go ahead. Old Roll is an amazing app that will bring you back to the 80s and give it an old feel. With its interesting features, you will get an exciting experience.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, without delay, download the disposable camera Old Roll APK for IOS and experience the old feel using this traditional camera.

If you don’t want to use this app on IOS you can also download this app on Windows/PC version by installing emulators.

How to Use Old Roll APK for IOS

With the easy-to-use interface, the old roll app is one of the best applications. Unlike other cameras no need to edit it before taking photos because it is ready-to-use and takes photos.

Once you install this disposable camera, you will access its interface, where you will find a wide list of cameras. Each unique camera has a description that is guiding about that.

Go through the description of all listed cameras and select one that suits you. Make sure to select the camera wisely because it will determine the style of the photos. After that, click your photos with a single tap.

Moreover, to add some personalization, you can edit your picture. A wide variety of filters, frames, and effects are available to give photos a classic look. Once you’ve done this, download photos in HD form and save or share them with friends.

Dynamic Camera Choices

Old Roll APK offers a wide array of classic vintage cameras that professional photographers are admiring throughout the decades. You can try from an instant camera to a super 8mm video cam under a single umbrella. Each camera has its specialties and qualities. Let’s explore some awesome analog cameras:

Classic M Camera

It was designed with classic Nomo films influenced by the Leica M6. This camera reinstates light, shadow, time, and temperature to create a unique classic film tone.

Vintage V Camera

With a vintage look, it is a 35mm viewfinder camera. It features lenses that produce excellent results.

503 CW

This medium format camera has the capability of twin-lens or single-lens for producing high-quality photos. Its unique traits, such as color saturation, sharpness, and dark part description, allow it to take photos in poorly illuminated areas.

INS P Polaroid Filter

It is an instant camera that lets you take photos and print them out immediately. What sets it apart is its retro designs.

ROL 3.5 Lens Camera

 An outstanding camera using Kuni vintage & Lomo retro films gives your photos a breathtaking effect. It has ENI presets to take you back to the old golden days.


One of the great tools for taking artistic photos features a loopsie texture. It gives photos a unique look that is taken from a toy camera.


This wonderful camera is designed to produce high-quality food photos.

Unique Features of Old Roll APK for IOS

Old Roll APK for IOS offers dozens of unique features. Some remarkable traits are given below. Have a look.

Well-Shaped Photos

This app offers square frames with retro scratch effects. You can share your photos on Instagram and other social media platforms easily.

Post Office Options

How amazing; using this unique feature, you can send photos directly to the recipient’s phone/screen.


Use the flash feature to produce well-lit photos in poorly lit areas. Its amazing light leak will give photos a natural look.

High-Quality Results

Produce high-quality results like a professional photographer. This app will not disappoint you.

Custom-Make Date Watermark

Customize a watermark on your photos by adding a date or time.

Many Trendy & Classic Effects

Old Roll is all about memories. Using classic effects, including light leaks, scratches, and vignettes, you can return your old days.

Download Old Roll APK for IOS

Downloading the Old Roll APK for IOS is not as complicated as it sounds. Here is a step-by-step guide, read carefully and download it.

  • Go to the APP store.
  • Search Old Roll APK.
  • Click to download.
  • Wait a while; it will take a few seconds to download.

Once it is installed, click to open and take classic and unique images using different unique cameras.

Final Verdicts

Well, in this ultimate guide, we discuss every minute detail regarding Old Roll APK for IOS. After reading this guide, we are assured that you will have cleared all your queries. Nonetheless, if you still have any queries, feel free to ask. We will address your issue ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, on the app store, all the applications are paid, and for Old Roll APK, you have to get a monthly or yearly subscription.

Yes, this tool is not malicious, and there is no risk; you can download it without hesitation.

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